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USDT (trc-20): TDryZnx3nwFm1UpUXUYFVFRfzhYFAfhn4t
BTC: 1DEcnUjz6WzawLzt53wG3m9UCDdgziwp73
TON: UQB6NUbYCni5BL9_Gfhc-bn4zCshPy1wafXTxc1TmN7dzx28
To pay with international cards, contact support via chat.
???????? Caspi | 4400430284206 023
???????? Jusan | 5 395452045591331

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Open support, select 'payment' and send it to the chat. Specify how you want to pay.
Direct payment
When paying by transfer, please send a screenshot of the payment to support.• By card transfer:
SBP Tinloff | +79258852363
Sberbank | 5336690228278851
Tinkoff | 5536913846450605
Alfa | 5486732058403890
Raiffeisen | 2200300511686493
YooMoney | 410013783404504
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After making the payment by transfer, please send a screenshot to the support team.
Alipay (Click to open, after payment send a screenshot to support!)
WeChat (It may not work temporarily, please use other methods or write to support.)
After payment, please send a screenshot to the chat.
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